The Lipstick Diaries Entry #2: Red Apple Lipsticks

Welcome to the second entry for the Lipstick Diaries. Red Apple Lipsticks is an American based company, owned by one Jay Adam Harper. Jay began the brand with many aims in mind; high quality vegan products, free from gluten, parabens, allergens, corn, GMO, dairy, soy, lead, nut and fragrances, and with a 100% money back guarantee for up to 6 months. If you are interested in those lipsticks, you can purchase them directly from Red Apple Lipsticks' site, the lipsticks each retailing for the price of $23.50. If that sounds too good to be true but is right up your alley, try them for yourselves, and if you're not happy with them, they'll refund every cent you paid.

A while ago, I received two samples of Red Apple Lipsticks from Miss Pearl, the owner of the Miss Pearl Store, but had yet to try them out. I received Sunkissed, a deep, warm, orange shade with golden micro-glitter, and Love My Kiss, a neutral pink with pearly and gold glitter, making both shades suitable for people with neutral to warm skintones.

Red Apple Lipstick in Sunkissed.
I had much trouble getting this one to stick to my bare lips and stay in place. It kept moving around and would not create an even layer of colour, because it was too sheer and too thin. As a last act of desperation, I used a pinkish-nude lip liner to see if it would help the lipstick adhere properly. Alas, it did, but it altered the true colour of the lipstick, making it more brown. This shade stains quite readily, as after five minutes of wearing it on both my hand and lips, I wiped them off with a tissue as best as I could, but couldn't get rid of the stain. I figure that if I had left this on for hours, it would stain my lips so much that it wouldn't fade even after the formula wears off.

Red Apple Lipstick in Love My Kiss 
This is a nice shade, and isn't very shimmery while worn. This one goes on bare lips much better than the previous one, though it was still somewhat streaky. If worn with a matching lip liner, I have no doubt it would give a perfect coverage. It is moisturising and doesn't have a funny taste, however, it does stain quite a bit, so it would last quite a while. 

Verdict: Do I like Red Apple Lipsticks? A little bit. I like the moisturising properties it had, as well as the huge variety of colours to choose from, but I wouldn't consider buying them. 24 bucks a pop is far more than I would pay for something that doesn't have a good colour payoff. Unless I can get my hands on a proper lipstick to test it out, I am not going to fork out the equivalent of half a week's worth of meals for my partner and I. It just isn't worth the price tag in my opinion. Hopefully my opinion is only based on a bad batch of samples, or a different formula designed specifically for the samples, because this sounds like a very promising company for those with allergies and specific needs.

As for now, I am going to stick to my Shanghai Suzy lippies - they have not let me down yet.


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