The Lipstick Diaries Entry #1: e.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Lipstick

Welcome to the start of a new era! I decided to have a little bit of fun with my lipsticks. As some of my friends already know, I don't go out very often. Because of that, there's a huge pile of lipsticks in my makeup case that rarely gets used, no matter how much I love them. So, cue the Lipstick Diaries, where I get to wear, and show off, and review each and every lipstick that I have in my arsenal.

When I purchase e.l.f. products, I rely heavily on the existing reviews before deciding on the shades. e.l.f. has a reputation of being hit and miss with their products, so I avoid the ones that everyone has complained about. The shades I've got here are both highly pigmented, and easy to apply and they are; Captivating, Voodoo, Fearless and Posh.

These lipsticks are not very high quality, being $1.00 US on the American website. However, on iHerb, they are $4.15 AUD (the figure depends on the currency exchange). They are not buttery or moisturising, and can be drying on the lips if you wear it without lip balm. There is excellent colour payoff with some shades, while other shades are quite sheer and require layering. It doesn't last long so they're not very good for long days.

 Left to right: Fearless, Posh, Voodoo and Captivating (indoors in natural lighting)

Left to right: Captivating, Posh, Fearless and Voodoo (outdoors)

I probably should stay away from tangerine shades, no matter how warm-toned they are. It just seems to wash me out. Not to mention the fact that this one readily settles into the creases, and the chapped areas are also emphasised. Application is consistent, and the pigmentation is quite rich, so only one layer is sufficient, though two layers makes it stand out a bit more. Nonetheless, this colour is not for me. By the way, this is a (unintentional, because I don't think e.l.f. knows about Shanghai Suzy) dupe for Miss Olivia Apricot. 

This is a warm-toned red, and I quite like the shade because it's suitable for everyday wear. This is bit more drying than the previous shade. Application is effortless and this shade lasts the longest out of them all, as it has more of a matte finish. 

This is quite a lovely shade, and probably the most buttery out of all the shades in this list. However, I haven't worn this for very long, so I haven't had the opportunity to test its lasting power. This one took slightly more effort to achieve full coverage, but no more than two swipes. This shade stains a bit, and I had some difficulty removing it from my hand when I swatched it.

Man, I look like I rolled out of bed and put lipstick on. Look at my hair! This red is a bit too bright for me, having blue undertones, but I barely manage to pull it off. This shade is a bit drying, but it has excellent coverage. It lasts quite a few hours before needing reapplication, and because it stains, it doesn't quite completely fade unless you've eaten particularly greasy foods.


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