President Double Cream Brie

I've put myself on a low-carb diet, and I've had to drastically cut down on my cheese consumption. This means I won't be able to do a cheese post for quite a while. It sucks, I know, but after finding a rip in the waist of a pair of three-month old tailored jeans, it was time for me to reassess my foodie habits.

It's hard enough for me to find a nice pair of jeans that fits both my butt and legs, so I could do without the weight gain, thank you very much. Because of my stupid wog genes, my butt and thighs' are a size 14, whereas the rest of my body is a 12. More often than not, I have to get my jeans altered so that they fit me perfectly. I'm tired of that - I want to effortlessly fit into every pair of size 12 jeans, and look drop dead gorgeous in them.

But I digress.

Président produces one of my favourite everyday Brie cheeses. It's perfectly neutral in flavour which makes it a wonderful cheese to pair with many different accompaniments. I've eaten this with St Dalfour's Four Berry Spread, Lesley Black's Country Relish, pear slices, pistachios, quince paste, black olives, and the flavour combinations are very tasty.

If you happen to buy the cheese in a wheel instead of as a wedge, do try to keep it for about a month past the use-by date. It produces a wonderfully soft and creamy cheese, and the flavour profile gets a bit deeper, giving it a bit of a mushroomy taste.

This will always be a Brie that I fall back on, and I'm so glad to have found a perfect back-up brie.

Funny story about this one though. After I took the photos outside, I put the cheese in the microwave to let it sit for about 30 minutes so I could share it with David, Sean and Naomi as soon as they were up and ready. Fast forward about 8 hours later, I opened the microwave to warm up some butter, and what do I find? Cheese that has melted pitifully all over the plate and I realised I'd forgot it in the microwave all day and it was now way past the point of consumption. I had to throw it out...


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