Who Doesn't Love A Good Sale?!

My search for new skincare products to replace my dwindling stock of St Ives had me prowling the aisles at Woolworths for something new to try out. My eyes clapped on the bright yellow tags on the bottom shelf in the personal care section.

20% Off selected Australian Pure skincare products.

"Hello, 20% Off, I'm Stephanie. Nice to meet you!"

As some of you may know, Australian Pure is owned by Nature's Organics, an affordable CCF certified, organic and vegan company run by Australians. I currently use their Organic Care shampoo and conditioner, and various household products in the Australian Pure and Earth Choice ranges. I am a great supporter of Nature's Organics for their philosophy to protect the planet in the best way possible, environmentally-responsible natural plant-based products, recycled packaging, high quality and reliable products and affordability.

None of their products have failed me yet, so I didn't hesitate when I added their Daily Moisturiser, Facial Scrub and Eye Make-Up remover to my basket, saving myself $4.73. The total cost was lower than I had initially expected, and after checking my receipt, it turned out that the Eye Make-Up Remover was 50% off the full price, coming in at $2.50. BARGAIN! *cue Scrooge McDuck dance*

(What's the point of this blog if I can't gush about a bargain?)

Daily Moisturiser
I was told that for people with problematic dry areas on their faces, a thick moisturiser is best. A good rule of thumb is to dispense some on your hand and it should stay in place, without sliding around or changing in shape. This moisturiser ticks this box, being quite thick, but not greasy or heavy. It applies really well and nourishes my skin. I can barely see any dry areas while I'm wearing it.

Facial Scrub
I was expecting a very thick product like St Ives, but I was surprised at the soft and creamy texture that came out of the tube. The walnut shell grains are a tad more rough than St Ives' apricot kernel grains. It actually reminds me of the homemade sugar scrubs that I would use on my lips. It does a better job of cleaning my pores, compared to what I've been using for years. The formula is really gentle, and it hasn't affected the dry patches on my face, whereas the St Ives would make it much more noticeable. If anything, this one actually adds moisture to the face thanks to the extracts and oils.

Eye Make-Up Remover
At the regular cost of $4.99 for 250ml, I think this is quite a bargain and will last a long time considering its sole purpose as an eye make-up remover. I have a feeling it was on clearance from Woolworths when I picked this up, which would explain how I managed to buy it for just $2.49. I think this is quite effective at cleaning away make-up. While wearing two coats of mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, primers (both eyelid and under-eye), and concealer, I found it took three cotton pads to remove the make-up completely. It didn't sting my eyes and was quite gentle on the skin without being drying. I think I might use this as an all-round make-up remover since I rarely wear foundation and other face products. If it's gentle on the eyes, it's gentle on the face, right?

Phoebe could not pass up the opportunity for a photoshoot.


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