SAVVY By DB's Liquid Eyeliner And High Voltage Volumising Mascara

Designer Brands, or DB, is an Australian company that deals with cosmetics that are meant to be high quality yet affordable. Designer Brands is known to most as a brand that you find in many chemists and pharmacies, but their Savvy line is found only in Pricelines around Australia. Designer Brands is proudly cruelty free, featuring the Leaping Bunny logo on their site, not to mention that about 95% of their products are vegan, with the rest being redeveloped so that the brand can be recognised as fully vegan.

I am a bit so-so about Designer Brands as a whole. The prices are a big plus in my books, but not everything they produce lives up to my expectations. I may have only tried a few, but from what I've tried so far, it is not looking very good.

Liquid Eyeliner 
I was really nervous about trying a liquid liner, because when I was a girl, I tried to use mum's liquid liner. It had been extremely fiddly, and I made a huge mess all over my eyes and my hands, and it would not come off! This turned out to be a lot easier than I had initially expected, with a thicker, and slightly shorter brush. It has a long staying power, and it did not budge even after 8 hours. It was extremely pigmented, and went on smoothly. I like it for those reasons, but I don't like the product at all. Why? Because it was shiny and paint-like when applied, and it put me right off. I like a matte look to my eye make-up, so this was a huge no. The product also dried quickly on the brush so I had to load the brush several times to finish both eyes. Down the bin it goes (not the brush though, the brush is very useful!)

High Voltage Volumising Mascara
This I liked because it gave good coverage, and separated my lashes rather nicely. It opened my eyes and made it look much bigger, which I really appreciated. It also lengthens my lashes a little bit and doesn't look gloopy or feel heavy at all. The only problem I have with it is that some of the fibres fall out, and I have to constantly check my face to make sure that my cheeks are free from black specks. I tried it with a mascara primer to see if it would control the issue, and it seems like it does help. The primer also makes the mascara coat the lashes much better, giving it a fuller appearance. I will be keeping this one, but it must always be paired with a primer, otherwise you might as well smear it all over your cheeks and call it a day.

As you can see, the eyeliner itself has an appearance not unlike acrylic paint, which I find very tacky and unattractive. However, the brush that comes with the product makes for a fluid line, thanks to the short handle. I will be giving that a wash and keeping it in my tool box. 

On the other hand, the mascara should not be worn without a primer, because as you can see on the left, it looks more sparse and flakes quite a bit, worsening as the day goes on. Whereas on the right, it looks more voluminous and fully coated, and even after 8 hours, it still does not flake.

  Left: Without Primer  Right: With Primer


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