My Makeup Cleansing Routine

After a long day of being out and about, dressed in your finest threads and nary a hair out of place, all you just want to do is crawl into bed without changing into your jimjams, make-up be damned. I know I'm one of these people that have gone to bed a few times without removing the gunk from my face. I'm lazy, deal with it.

This is my routine for when I do have that little shred of energy left to wash my face.

Firstly, I dampen the cotton pads with my trusty Australian Pure Eye Make-Up Remover. I start with my eyes first because there's something fascinating about watching your eyes go from perfectly lined and mascara'd to being a hot mess resembling Heath Ledger's Joker. Very sexy, non?

A couple more cotton pads later, depending on how much eye product I've used, I then move on to the rest of my face, and when everything has been removed, I give my entire face a once-over with a fresh pad to make sure it is clean. Then I move onto the next step.

Here comes the introduction to my current facial cleanser, Essano's Rosehip Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. I know it comes with a hefty price tag of $14.99 at Priceline, but if you wait until Priceline has a 40% off sale, then it costs only $8.99. That being said, this is not my favourite cleanser. It makes my face feel a bit tight after I've used it. This sets off alarm bells, because I get worried about it exacerbating my eczema. It doesn't foam up that much, and is very light and gentle on the skin while I'm using it. You only need a pea-sized amount.

Because I'm using this particular cleanser for the time being, my face needs some extra (preferably oil-based) moisturising power to combat that tightness, and prevent my skin condition from getting worse. This is where rose hip seed oil comes into hand. I don't know how I went so long without having this product in my arsenal. It's moisturising, nourishing and healing all at once, and does wonders not just for the dry skin, but also for the battle scars all over my legs (by battle scars, I mean the yearly torture from mozzie bites).

Did you know that you're probably using moisturiser wrong? We're supposed to use it to lock in moisture, but what moisture is there when we completely dry our faces after rinsing? So, after rinsing my face, I lightly pat dry my face with a towel, making sure to leave behind some water. I squirt a capsule-sized amount of Australian Pure Daily Moisturiser onto my palm, and add three drops of the rosehip seed oil to it. I mix it together with my finger first and then massage it gently into my skin, especially my cheeks where dry skin is prevalent. Moisturise me, moisturise me!

I've been using this moisturising method for the last two weeks, and I'm proud to tell you that 95% of my dry skin condition is gone and my skin feels much softer and more supple. It's been clearing my skin up too.

I buy my rosehip seed oil from iHerb, and if you follow this link, or use this code CHC596, you can get a $5 USD discount on your first order, or $10 if your order total reaches $40. Shipping is also free for orders over $40. The Now Food's Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil, 30mL is $7.71 AUD, and comes without the pipette. If you want to buy it with the pipette, it costs $12.13, and often sold out. You know what I did? I went on eBay, typed 'glass pipette' in the search bar, and found one that was $1.30 with free shipping, saving myself $3.13. You must find one that is listed for bottles marked 30mL, otherwise it will not fit the bottle at all.

Well, that concludes my make-up removal routine. This routine usually takes about 10 minutes of my night, provided that I don't knock anything over or accidentally fall asleep face first into the sink. Good night.

Now Foods Now Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil


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