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In my last post, I mentioned that Shanghai Suzy lipsticks were my newest love, and they are! The first time I put one of their lipsticks on, Miss Cassandra Peony, I could not believe how wonderful it was. Never before have I worn a lipstick that was so buttery. I almost had to do a double take to ensure I hadn't just smeared on a chunk of butter. I don't think I've ever, never in my entire life, had a lipstick that felt this way.

(That could easily be because I never wore lipstick before April this year... )

So, who is Shanghai Suzy? Shanghai Suzy was created in 2013 and is an Australian owned brand. Every colour is limited edition, and 8 new shades are released every season. The brand promises to deliver in colour, pigment, formula, packaging and affordability while keeping vegan and cruelty-free. One recognisable trait of Suzy lipsticks is the grape bubblegum scent. There are three formulas, Nourish, Matte and Shimmery. I'm going to pretend the Shimmery formula doesn't exist because I avoid glitter like the plague. Somehow it always ends up all over my face...

The nourishing formula means that it is infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba Seed oils to care for your lips. It has a more subtle colour compared to the matte formula, with a sheen. This formula is generally used for the lighter shades in all of Suzy's lipsticks. This goes on like butter and works better on top of prepped lips, so that means you must exfoliate!

The matte formula provides a strong colour that stands out and calls for attention. However, it is not entirely matte, but that nothing that a light dusting of powder can't fix. What I love about this formula is that it is not drying and lasts an age without eating, especially greasy foods. It stains the lips so the colour is still noticeable even after it has worn off, making reapplication not as urgent.

Now, onto the swatches. The full face photos were taken outside while it was cloudy, while the lip swatches were taken inside directly in front of the window. I was lamenting the fact that it had been overcast for the last three or four days and I couldn't take photos as a result. Today, I said a big "screw you!" to the clouds and tried my best with the photography.

The reason why I showed a sample of two shades over lip balm was to show you what it looked like. I noticed that my lips crease like crazy with the Nourish formula unless I use a lip balm, liner or primer. I forgot to blot with the balm before I applied the lipstick, so keep that in mind. I have olive skin that errs on the pale side because I never spend time under the sun.

Miss Cassandra Peony: Nourish Formula
A warm pink that's almost a dusty rose, it's perfectly suitable for all skin tones. This shade is great for everyday wear as it's soft and subtle without being too in-your-face. It's modest, sweet and romantic. I  like wearing this on top of lip balm for an even application and a slightly more subtle colour.

Miss Olivia Apricot: Nourish Formula
From the 14/15 Spring and Summer Line, I bought this one because I wanted to try a warm apricot colour that wasn't too bright. Ticks all the boxes I pointed out, but under harsh lighting, it washes me out. This might be a point to consider. It also makes my teeth look very yellow (I can't help but love my tea!)

Miss Victorine Classic Red: Matte Formula
This colour is definitely a classic red. It has a slight sheen which makes your lips look fuller. It isn't drying like other matte lipsticks, for example, Australis' Velourlips but rather creamy. I quite like how it looks without it being dusted, but both methods look nice on me anyways.

Mrs French Winter Maroon: Matte Formula
This is a sexy shade in my opinion, even though it stands out a lot on me. It's rich and makes your teeth look whiter. I like this shade better without the sheen but I need to do a better job on the dusting - excuse the fuzzy edges! It is a good colour for a night out.

Look at my wee dimples! 

In short, I love the Cassandra Peony and Victorine Red shades the most, but all of them look great. 

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