e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Hydrating Under Eye Primer

When I was outside photographing this product, it started drizzling as soon as I began to take photos from this angle. I found it rather hydrating though. I went along with it despite the fact that I'm still recovering from a cold, and if I got soaked, it had the potential to get worse. I didn't let that hinder me though. That's commitment!

I had to buy this lil bugger off of an eBay seller for close to ten bucks because I couldn't find it anywhere for cheaper, not even on iHerb (iHerb, ye hath failed me!). But... it was a worthy purchase in my opinion. Here's why.

The bottle may be small, but it's a very good size when you consider the amount you'll put under each eye (for me this is about the size of a short grain rice grain), it'll last forever. And there's also the fact that it comes with a pump, rather than a squeeze tube, which I think helps control the amount of product the dispenser releases. You only have to press it very lightly to get the amount you need, and pressing it all the way gives you far too much product.

Before I bought this I read reviews online to check the validity of this product and so many had raved about it, some even claiming that they were excellent for use on dry skin. This intrigued me because I've had issues trying to apply foundation on my cheeks where dry skin was prevalent - not even moisturiser plus a moisturising primer helped in keeping the skin in check. Foundation would just slide into these dry areas and accentuate it, making me look like a scaly creature that had thrown on a pair of jeans and a Star Wars shirt. Not attractive. So I went ahead and bought the product with that thought, and the product's true purpose, in mind.

As soon as I had the opportunity to, I applied this product under my eyes, sweeping down and out, soft and gentle as can be. Then I applied my usual concealer, using a clean brush to blend it into my skin. Now, prior to this, every time I tried to use concealer under my eyes to hide my thrice-damned under-eye circles, the concealer would flake, settle into my fine lines and fail to blend, let alone conceal the darkness under my eyes, and neither a face primer or an eyelid primer worked to combat this.

This product did.

I was extremely pleased with the results. I had beautiful coverage, there were no signs of flaking and the concealer didn't settle into the fine lines but rather smoothed them out and made them almost invisible. It lasted all day without budging or changing in appearance, which gives this product a major tick in my books.

My dry facial skin on the other hand only showed about 5% improvement compared to my moisturising facial primer. I have eczema that appears during the winter months because boiling hot showers dries my skin out. I'd pick hot showers over flawless skin any day but I digress. For me it is not worth using this primer for the rest of my face, there's not enough quantity and there's only a tiny bit of improvement. I'm better off trying to find another alternative to hide the eczema.

Left: Without Primer   Right: With Primer

As you can see, the left picture shows definite signs of creasing and buildup of concealer, whereas on the right side, it looks flawless. Without the primer the concealer doesn't go on very well, and it is hard to blend because of the dryness. However, with the primer, it blended in rather nicely and conceals my dark circles much better. This is definitely a product that I'll continue using.


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