Seitan Bacon Attempt #1


Unlike my first try at seitan, which went really, really badly, this went surprisingly well and I am ecstatic about it. The doughs came together instantly and I had no issues when it came to making this recipe. Not all hope is lost!

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Hydrating Under Eye Primer

When I was outside photographing this product, it started drizzling as soon as I began to take photos from this angle. I found it rather hydrating though. I went along with it despite the fact that I'm still recovering from a cold, and if I got soaked, it had the potential to get worse. I didn't let that hinder me though. That's commitment!

How I Prepare My Tofu

I am somewhat a fussy eater, and all those who know me well knows this one fact: I cannot tolerate most foods with a squishy texture, especially if it wriggles. I'm not joking, it's an intense dislike and I can't help it. My partner won't shut up about me hating avocados to this day because of this.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I was 10 or 11 years old when I was at a school camp for a week. For dinner one night, they served a magnificent lasagne with bolognaise sauce that was even better than mum's, and this is coming from a child with a full Italian heritage. I begged the cooks for the recipe to the sauce, and they were all too happy to help me out. I went home cradling the recipe safely in my pocket.

Making Seitan For The First Time

This confession might strike you as weird, but I've never made seitan before. You read that right.

Simple Sensitive Skin Micellar Water

As some of you may know, I was on the hunt for new skincare products thanks to the fact that St Ives. had been bought out by Unilever and was no longer cruelty free. This is not a review, this is an introduction on a brand.

Bergader Edelpilz And Maffra Cheese Co. White Wensleydale

I had planned on doing a post on the Bergader alone, but then I found the Wensleydale on special and knew I needed to do a review on both of those cheeses. As with all the cheeses that I talk about on this blog, these two are NOT made with animal rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians. However, the Bergader keeps being listed as 'not vegetarian' on the internet through several pages, but on the packaging it says that it was made with Microbial rennet.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Since going vego, I threw out almost everything that was in my makeup bag, leaving behind an olive oil lip balm and an Essence mousse foundation that was hardly compatible with my skin type. I had done some research on vegan brands, but more often than not, they were out of my price range. I have a maximum of $10 for every product I buy, and even that's a bit too much for me. So for two to three years, I went without any makeup.

L-Cysteine In Bread

I love my bread. I mean, I seriously love it so much I'll be happy living off freshly baked loaves with crunchy crusts, some butter, and of course, cheese. I love the feeling of opening up a new bag of sliced bread and running my hand over the flesh, so soft and pillowy. Warm bread is even better as I get to watch the butter melt slowly as I spread it on. My sister feels similar about bread as I do, and once while on a 2 hour trip home, we shared a 10 inch round Vienna that was still warm from the oven. It was AMAZING.

Shanghai Suzy

In my last post, I mentioned that Shanghai Suzy lipsticks were my newest love, and they are! The first time I put one of their lipsticks on, Miss Cassandra Peony, I could not believe how wonderful it was. Never before have I worn a lipstick that was so buttery. I almost had to do a double take to ensure I hadn't just smeared on a chunk of butter. I don't think I've ever, never in my entire life, had a lipstick that felt this way.

Vegan And Cruelty-Free Products

Glycerin, cochineal, uric acid, musk, keratin, lanolin... These are the examples of animal-derived components found in beauty, skincare and household products. There's a lot more where that came from, but the ones I listed are quite well-known.