Christmas Day Cheese Platter With A Stinky, Stinky Blue

I wanted a delectable cheese platter for Christmas dinner at my mother's house, to add something special to the day, as well as a gift for my mum. I searched high and low at the places near me, with little success. I eventually threw in towel, and headed to Victoria Market, knowing that I would leave with a few wonderful choices cradled in my hands.

Cruelty-Free or Not? Whiteglo Toothpaste

I thought it was time I told you lot about this toothpaste I recently switched to. Readers, please meet Whiteglo. This brand is reported to be cruelty-free, with the added benefit of being vegan-friendly. I initially bought the toothpaste in the first place because I hoped to whiten my tea-stained choppers, and I couldn't find another whitening toothpaste that were both vegan and cruelty-free. That said, it's taking a long time to whiten my teeth with this product, even when I abstain from drinking my much-loved sweet cups of tea.

How To Make Your Own Exfoliating Lipstick

I'm a lazy bugger when it comes to exfoliating my lips in preparation for any kind of lipstick application. I cannot be bothered with digging my finger into a pot of sugar scrub, and rubbing a decent glob of it against my lips. C'mon, it's messy, inconvenient, and takes more effort than I'd like to spare. So, what do I do when I need to get rid of icky flaky skin cells on my lips? I use a toothbrush, of course. I use this method while I'm brushing my teeth, so two birds, one stone. But what about when I forget to exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush?

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #5: Essence Longlasting Lipsticks

Could you believe that I haven't done an Essence post yet? There really isn't a good reason for this, except that I didn't really have any Essence products in my arsenal. Until now, that is. I blame E.L.F. Cosmetics, really, because if it hadn't been for my loyalty to them, I would've bought Essence goods much, much earlier. I think I was a bit afraid of using their products just in case they all didn't work out for me, but I've come to see otherwise.

A Not-So Stinky English Shropshire Blue

Oh look! Another cheese post! Today I'm talking about a cheese that I've never had the fortune of trying, much less had the pleasure of finding at the local Woolworths. It is part of the Woolworths Gold range, a range of artisan and gourmet food. I'm not complaining, because it sounds like the cheese is the real deal, hailing all the way from Leicestershire, England. In Leicestershire, there is a small town named Long Clawson, and that is where one would find the Long Clawson Dairy, the award winning producer of 60 varieties of cheese.

Heat Group's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale ~ Essence Haul!

I spent quite a pretty penny at this warehouse sale held by Heat Group. As soon as I heard that Heat Group distributed Essence cosmetics, I knew that the 2.5 hour transit by public transport to the warehouse in Scoresby was going to be worth it. There weren't other brands of note that were vegan and cruelty-free, but nonetheless, I knew I would be going home with a lighter wallet, and extremely happy about the major savings that I would be making.

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #4: Australis Colour Inject

So this entry is another Australis lip product, and one that I should have more of in my collection. Why? Because this ticks a lot of boxes. It's moisturising, buttery, vividly pigmented, and lasts quite a few hours without wearing away. The Colour Inject range is not matte, but has a glossiness that is neither in-your-face or tacky, but looks creamy and fresh. The colours pack a punch, and I really enjoy wearing this little number. The shade I've got is "Make A Wish". It's a great shade for both warm and cool skin tones, but sadly it is no longer available. I have seen a very similar shade in store though, but have yet to test it out.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Everyone knows that I have a love/love relationship with these cream eyeliners. I'm always raving about them. To be fair, I haven't tried other brands' cream/gel liners but I don't think I'll ever need to. You know how everyone has their preferences when it comes to eyeliner? Liquid/pen/pencil, or kohl? Matte/shimmery, or glossy? Waterproof?

My Absolute Favourite Fetta Cheese! Lemnos Smooth Feta

First of all, I'd like to start with an apology. I'm sure most of you were intrigued as to why there hasn't been a post in over a week. I feel awful about that, but it had been a very long and tiring week, and I couldn't gather the wit and motivation to get up and photograph, and to sit down and type. Over the past week or two I've been having those dull headaches and they would show up all of a sudden, and render me useless for a couple of hours, or the rest of the day.

Cheap Vegetarian Eats + Great Company = Lentil As Anything

Many vegans and vegetarians in Melbourne know about Lentil As Anything aka Lentils, a restaurant chain run by volunteers, with more vegan establishments than vegetarian. The food is for everyone who walk in the door, be they rich or poor. You pay as much as you can afford, because they aim to provide for the unfortunate.

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #3: Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream

I think everyone knows about Australis Velourlips. How could they not? It's a great product - super matte, super-long lasting, and cheap enough to boot. There's a great variety of colours, not to mention the fact that Australis just announced the release of travel sized Velourlips in packets of five shades. How awesome is that?! It's great for people who love to travel, or for people who want more variety in lip shades, but don't want to fork out roughly $10 for each shade. And travel sized products are always JUST SO CUTE!

Melbourne Cheese Festival 2015 - Top 3 Picks

So, what does a young, female, Melbournian cheese connoisseur do in the middle of October? That's right, she looks forward to the first-ever Melbourne Cheese Festival, and spends the entire week leading up to it visualising all the cheese she'll get to stuff into her face.

MSG-Free Instant Mi-Goreng Recipe

It's Friday! Woot woot, I get to indulge in carbs because Fridays are our cheat days (it's also takeaway day since I'm the resident cook in this humble abode and even chefs need a break every now and then). Now, when I'm talking about carbs on cheat days, I don't mean I eat sugary treats and call it a day - no, it means I can lick my lips at the possibility of pasta, rice, or noodles. For lunch on Fridays, I like nothing more than to prepare myself a bowl of Mi Goreng. It's cheap and tasty, and takes no more than few steps and minutes to prepare, so I don't have to whip up a full meal, and wait ages for it to be ready.

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #2: Red Apple Lipsticks

Welcome to the second entry for the Lipstick Diaries. Red Apple Lipsticks is an American based company, owned by one Jay Adam Harper. Jay began the brand with many aims in mind; high quality vegan products, free from gluten, parabens, allergens, corn, GMO, dairy, soy, lead, nut and fragrances, and with a 100% money back guarantee for up to 6 months. If you are interested in those lipsticks, you can purchase them directly from Red Apple Lipsticks' site, the lipsticks each retailing for the price of $23.50. If that sounds too good to be true but is right up your alley, try them for yourselves, and if you're not happy with them, they'll refund every cent you paid.

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #1: e.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Lipstick

Welcome to the start of a new era! I decided to have a little bit of fun with my lipsticks. As some of my friends already know, I don't go out very often. Because of that, there's a huge pile of lipsticks in my makeup case that rarely gets used, no matter how much I love them. So, cue the Lipstick Diaries, where I get to wear, and show off, and review each and every lipstick that I have in my arsenal.

For The Glory Of Seitan!

Yesterday, I spent most of my time in the kitchen, whipping up a few batches of seitan. The diet I've embarked upon requires me to consume a substantial amount of protein, and what better source of protein than seitan? Vital wheat gluten is roughly 75% protein, compared to 10% of protein in extra-firm tofu, less in softer tofu.

Crispy Baked Peanut Tofu With Cauliflower Rice

As you all learned the other day, I'm on a low-carb diet to shed some fat. My partner too wants to slim down, so his support with his diet means so much to me. However, I feel that talking about my journey will help me stay on the road to achieving my dream weight by December. My short-term goal is to shed 8 kilograms so I can reach 60kg.

President Double Cream Brie

I've put myself on a low-carb diet, and I've had to drastically cut down on my cheese consumption. This means I won't be able to do a cheese post for quite a while. It sucks, I know, but after finding a rip in the waist of a pair of three-month old tailored jeans, it was time for me to reassess my foodie habits.

My Makeup Cleansing Routine

After a long day of being out and about, dressed in your finest threads and nary a hair out of place, all you just want to do is crawl into bed without changing into your jimjams, make-up be damned. I know I'm one of these people that have gone to bed a few times without removing the gunk from my face. I'm lazy, deal with it.

Seitan Bacon Attempt #2

I took on the challenge of adapting the recipe to suit my idea of what is bacon: Salty. Smoky. Crispy. If you could recall, the last attempt had me reminded distinctly of my mum's meatballs, albeit very smoky (by smoky, I meant it tasted and smelled burnt) thanks to the 2 tablespoons of liquid smoke.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mascara Primer

I finally had the opportunity to test this product out, and I'm glad I bought it. I was a bit skeptical of mascara primers in the first place, because the idea of priming eyelashes sounded ridiculous. It just felt like another product to unnecessarily put on your face. I mean, two coats of mascara and I'm good to go, so why the heck did lashes need priming?

Boatshed Cheese And Yarra Valley Dairy

My close friend, David, flew over from Adelaide to spend a few days in Melbourne, as he does every month. This month we decided to visit Fairfield Farmer's Market, as well as road trip it to Yarra Valley Dairy up north in Yering. It turned out to be a great day. The sun was shining, the rolling fields of green were relaxing as we cruised the back roads, and our esky was slowly being filled up with artisan cheese, beer and cider. The next day, we took advantage of the sunshine, packed the esky for a picnic and took a drive to the nearest botanic gardens ("botanic garden", my arse). We dined on the cheeses we bought the previous day, with a freshly baked baguette, some Lesley Black's Country Relish, Tasmanian Bush Dust, and some crackers.

Little Miss Luna

I thought I'd take the time to introduce one of my kitties, because who doesn't like cats these days? Her name is Luna, but she also goes by Loony, Loony Woony, Loonie Patoonie, Cutie Wutie, Clair De Lune, Miss Luna, and LunaPii. I asked my partner what other names he had for Luna, and he said, and I quote, "If I had a nickname for her, it would be 'Cream Cheese'."

SAVVY By DB's Liquid Eyeliner And High Voltage Volumising Mascara

Designer Brands, or DB, is an Australian company that deals with cosmetics that are meant to be high quality yet affordable. Designer Brands is known to most as a brand that you find in many chemists and pharmacies, but their Savvy line is found only in Pricelines around Australia. Designer Brands is proudly cruelty free, featuring the Leaping Bunny logo on their site, not to mention that about 95% of their products are vegan, with the rest being redeveloped so that the brand can be recognised as fully vegan.

Who Doesn't Love A Good Sale?!

My search for new skincare products to replace my dwindling stock of St Ives had me prowling the aisles at Woolworths for something new to try out. My eyes clapped on the bright yellow tags on the bottom shelf in the personal care section.

Westernised Bibimbap

A little while ago, I went to 'OPPA KITCHEN', a Korean restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. It was my very first time sampling Korean food, which strikes a lot of people weird, since I LOVE Asian food. I ordered the bibimbap in the dolsot bowl, excited about the prospect of having crispy rice at the bottom as soon as you pour sesame oil around the edge. The oil sizzled as it made contact with the hot stone, and I salivated at the sound.

What Started As A Review Became A Wake-Up Call

I never planned on speaking about Natio on this blog due to the price tags completely defeating the purpose of being thrifty. But then I saw a few products sitting in the bargain bin at Priceline. At $5 each, it didn't hurt to try them out and talk about the brand. Natio is on the CCF List, being predominantly vegan with a portion of their products containing animal derivatives. The Lip Shine that I picked up contains beeswax though, and for most vegans, and some vegetarians, this is a big NO.

Seitan Bacon Attempt #1


Unlike my first try at seitan, which went really, really badly, this went surprisingly well and I am ecstatic about it. The doughs came together instantly and I had no issues when it came to making this recipe. Not all hope is lost!

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Hydrating Under Eye Primer

When I was outside photographing this product, it started drizzling as soon as I began to take photos from this angle. I found it rather hydrating though. I went along with it despite the fact that I'm still recovering from a cold, and if I got soaked, it had the potential to get worse. I didn't let that hinder me though. That's commitment!

How I Prepare My Tofu

I am somewhat a fussy eater, and all those who know me well knows this one fact: I cannot tolerate most foods with a squishy texture, especially if it wriggles. I'm not joking, it's an intense dislike and I can't help it. My partner won't shut up about me hating avocados to this day because of this.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I was 10 or 11 years old when I was at a school camp for a week. For dinner one night, they served a magnificent lasagne with bolognaise sauce that was even better than mum's, and this is coming from a child with a full Italian heritage. I begged the cooks for the recipe to the sauce, and they were all too happy to help me out. I went home cradling the recipe safely in my pocket.

Making Seitan For The First Time

This confession might strike you as weird, but I've never made seitan before. You read that right.

Simple Sensitive Skin Micellar Water

As some of you may know, I was on the hunt for new skincare products thanks to the fact that St Ives. had been bought out by Unilever and was no longer cruelty free. This is not a review, this is an introduction on a brand.

Bergader Edelpilz And Maffra Cheese Co. White Wensleydale

I had planned on doing a post on the Bergader alone, but then I found the Wensleydale on special and knew I needed to do a review on both of those cheeses. As with all the cheeses that I talk about on this blog, these two are NOT made with animal rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians. However, the Bergader keeps being listed as 'not vegetarian' on the internet through several pages, but on the packaging it says that it was made with Microbial rennet.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Since going vego, I threw out almost everything that was in my makeup bag, leaving behind an olive oil lip balm and an Essence mousse foundation that was hardly compatible with my skin type. I had done some research on vegan brands, but more often than not, they were out of my price range. I have a maximum of $10 for every product I buy, and even that's a bit too much for me. So for two to three years, I went without any makeup.

L-Cysteine In Bread

I love my bread. I mean, I seriously love it so much I'll be happy living off freshly baked loaves with crunchy crusts, some butter, and of course, cheese. I love the feeling of opening up a new bag of sliced bread and running my hand over the flesh, so soft and pillowy. Warm bread is even better as I get to watch the butter melt slowly as I spread it on. My sister feels similar about bread as I do, and once while on a 2 hour trip home, we shared a 10 inch round Vienna that was still warm from the oven. It was AMAZING.

Shanghai Suzy

In my last post, I mentioned that Shanghai Suzy lipsticks were my newest love, and they are! The first time I put one of their lipsticks on, Miss Cassandra Peony, I could not believe how wonderful it was. Never before have I worn a lipstick that was so buttery. I almost had to do a double take to ensure I hadn't just smeared on a chunk of butter. I don't think I've ever, never in my entire life, had a lipstick that felt this way.

Vegan And Cruelty-Free Products

Glycerin, cochineal, uric acid, musk, keratin, lanolin... These are the examples of animal-derived components found in beauty, skincare and household products. There's a lot more where that came from, but the ones I listed are quite well-known.

Vegetarian Cheese 101

As a vegetarian, do you ever find yourself stumped by the sheer amount of additives that are derived from animals? There's an ingredient in cheese known as 'rennet' and when you hear about it for the first time, it sounds rather innocent.

First Ever Blog Post!

Welcome, welcome to Hogwarts! Wait, did I say Hogwarts? I uh- Hogwarts doesn't exist. Nope.